After nearly thirty-five years in operation, with the majority focus on mechanical suited systems; we begin looking to the future, and what that might entail for Rainer Security Products, over the next 10 years.

With an extensive client list of Schools, Councils, Housing, Hotels, infrastructure and private companies, we have played a vital role in supplying the necessary security elements to make sure that our clients’ needs are met, and the complex issues that they face; overcome. Whilst market research shows that there is still a heavy divide between those ready to embrace electronic access control, and those that are not – it is vital that we maintain the ability to provide the latest and greatest in door security that we can, to some three and-a-half thousand customers.

After extensive research and data collection regarding the top 5 or so manufacturers of Access Control, it became apparent that the very best on the market, in terms of the hardwares’ aesthetics, the intuition of the software, and of course, the ease of use – Salto Systems. Assessing the market, and the range of providers available, we passed on the opportunity to supply a variety of brands with which we had easier access, and ready-made contacts. In spite of this, we couldn’t help but be sold by the absolute ‘cool’ factor of Salto Systems’ hardware and their software being so utterly user-friendly. In addition, we have always justified our choice of product ranges not based on the cost, but the quality. Whilst this doesn’t necessarily lead down the ‘cost-competitive’ attack route, it does mean that we will be very rarely beaten on the quality of our range.

At a time when Salto Systems UK were cutting their partner network in half due to their extremely high standards not being upheld, we were immensely proud of the opportunity to be onboarded as one of their Inspired Business Partners. We have a superb catchment area, with few competitor suppliers of Salto in West Sussex, albeit we have almost no limitations in our area of supply, with customers as far as Inverness in the UK, and across the world, supplying one of the largest technology corporations’ retail store security already.

With the addition of Salto Systems to our portfolio, we are well placed to deliver not just one of the best, and fastest mechanical solutions to door security, but now the best in Access Control as well.

For more information on Salto Systems, and what we can do for you – do get in touch via any of our normal channels, or visit our Salto section on our website, here.