Meet the Team

We’re immensely proud of our team here at Rainer Security Products ltd. The company prides itself on maintaining longevity of staff, with loyalty rewarded throughout.

Our mantra has always been, “Happy staff means productive staff!”

Here’s a little more information about some of the key members within our team, so you know who you’re speaking with, and just how much experience they have to offer!

Andy Rainer
Managing Director
Andy has now been running Rainer Security Products Ltd as Managing Director for 14 years, having succeeded his father, Frank Rainer, as the companies' Director. Andy has had a passion for the business, entering into it at a Sales level some 30 years ago. If you can't reach Andy, he's probably playing Golf. Or sorting out the electrics on someone else's Range Rover
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Simon Fraser
Commercial Director
Simon has been commercial Director at Rainer Security Products ltd, since 1999. Having begun his tenure as a Sales person, bringing in several high profile clients, and integrating himself fully into the company, encompassing all the inner workings of the business. If you can't reach Simon, he'll be hiding inside the bloody great big Caravan he stores in the office warehouse...
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Ben Smeeth
Production Manager
Ben joined the team over twenty years ago, initially starting out in workshop assembly. The mixture of work ethic and can-do attitude, as well as his astonishing tea making capabilities earned him great progression through the company. Ben is now an integral piece of the Rainer Security Products team. If you can't reach Ben, he's likely working harder than the rest of us.
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Mandy Slade
Office Manager
What can we say about Mandy? Part of the Rainer Security team for many years, Mandy is integral to the business - from order, to delivery, to payment; you'll be hard pushed to get by Mandy. If you can't reach Mandy, she'll be in A&E, having broken her leg, dancing around the office like the life of the party that she is! (We wish this was fictitious, but what can you do, eh?)
Ben Read
Brand & Business Development Manager
Yes, another Ben. Ben is the newest member of the Rainer Security team, having joined in 2020 to assist in the business goals of a higher digital presence, and assist with the production of all online sales material. He brings a wealth of creativity and an eagerness to improve the business. If you can't reach Ben, he'll be boring the pants off someone about Motorcycles.
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