Neo Cylinder

Introducing SALTO Neo, the new electronic door lock cylinder by SALTO Systems.

The compact SALTO Neo Cylinder is designed for doors where fitting an electronic escutcheon is not possible or required and can be installed on standard doors, server racks, gates, cabinets, electric switches, sliding doors, and more. It’s available in an extensive range of models to suit almost any kind of door across the globe – from Europe to Scandinavia, ASIA to the Americas, and Australia.

SALTO Neo Cylinder technology allows us to introduce customers, systems operators, and installers to new experiences and to connect keyless access. The SALTO Neo Cylinder has more functionality and performance capability, allowing businesses to connect to their on-premises network via advanced SVN technology or the cloud with the SALTO KS cloud-hosted access management platform.


This Electronic cylinder lock fits any door at any building and delivers an easy-to-use electronic locking platform that integrates all of the physical security needs through smart, wireless, and battery-operated smart cylinders, giving system operators all the latest user access information for virtually all of the doors in a facility.

So that’s an instant replacement for your current mechanical locks – instant access control! What’s not to love?