ProAccess SPACE Software


The SALTO ProAccess range of software has been developed to allow users to make the most of an installation’s access control. With SALTO software, system operators can easily manage large numbers of doors and users with outstanding flexibility thanks to all the options in zones, access levels, calendars, time periods and time zones, and more. ProAccess has always been designed to be user-friendly while including a host of advanced features, and with the latest addition of ProAccess SPACE, usability and flexibility have been taken to a new level. Importantly, SPACE follows SALTO’s scalable philosophy such that even current SALTO customers with ProAccess or HAMS software can upgrade easily to SPACE in order to take advantage of SPACE’s additional features and usability.


Easy to install

With ProAccess SPACE, end-users no longer need to choose between a simple install process and terrific functionality. With ProAccess SPACE, you get both! No longer do clients need to select a simpler version of software and sacrifice needed functionality just to avoid SQL hassles.





Mobile access control that brings convenience and security

With ProAccess SPACE it’s easy to incorporate mobile access control for some or all of the users in your access plan depending on what best fits a user’s specific circumstances and needsSALTO’s JustIN Mobile app allows users with an iOS phone or Android smartphone to use their smartphone as a door key, whereas our JustIN mSVN solution converts an NFC-enabled smartphone into a mobile update point. Both options add even more flexibility and usability to a SALTO installation without sacrificing security and are100% compatible with SALTO’s wire-free networked platform.



Select and purchase just the right package

ProAccess SPACE is structured into 4 different packages, in addition to a list of add-on functions that can be ordered separately to upgrade as required. And the SALTO software policy remains the same – buy it once and it’s yours.





User-centred interface makes it simple and secure

Even in smaller installations, each system operator is different in skills, capabilities and security level, plus differences in language and personal setting preferences. The built-in flexibility of ProAccess SPACE makes it easy to adjust the interface to the specific needs and security level of each operator. And the latest version of ProAccess SPACE makes monitoring live events in real-time even easier and more intuitive.