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The patented Pluscore system offers a totally new concept in interchangeable core key control. The system employs a unique core security feature and patented key design. The unique feature is the pin assembly which runs through the centre of the core keyway and only the patented Pluscore key can operate locks fitted with the Pluscore system.

As the dimensions of Pluscore remain the same as standard cores the full range of conversion cylinders and locks can be utilised. Supplies of Pluscore Interchangeable Cores and patented Pluscore keys in the UK. are controlled exclusively by Rainer Security Products Ltd. and will require, without exception, written authorisation for all orders prior to despatch.

Written confirmation relating to subsequent changes in authorised personnel will also be required. The 7 Pin patented Pluscore interchangeable core system offers a high level of key security together with the masterkeying potential and the unique benefits already associated with interchangeable cores.

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