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The Arrow Revolution® V1 stand alone touchscreen lock combines the functional elements of a cylindrical lockset with the latest technological designed for electronic aesthetic. Users will benefit from an up to date technological solution that is also quick and easy to install.

A simple interaction with the lock through a voice guided touch keypad, making day to day use and programming easy. The Revolution® V1 is recommended for healthcare facilities, offices, retail environments, multi-family, hospitality, government facilities as well as schools and colleges. It provides a traffic control solution for areas requiring restricted access.


All Arrow Revolution® Stand-alone Touchscreen Locks are UL/cUL listed for use on 3 hour, A label or lesser doors.

  • ANSI A117.1 Accessibility Code
  • California State Reference Code for levers returning to within 1/2″ (12.7mm) of door surface
  • Federal Specification FF-H-106C
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 1


ADA/Americans with Disabilities Act:

Acceptable Door Hardware: Section 4.13.9

Handles, pulls, latches and other operating devices on accessible
doors shall have a shape that is easy to grasp with one hand and
does not require grasping, tight pinching or twisting of the wrist
to operate. Lever operated mechanisms, push-type mechanisms
and “U” shaped handles are acceptable designs.


Electronic Elements

  • Stand-alone touchscreen access locking device
  • Interactive voice-guided programming
  • Trilingual (English, Spanish & French)
  • Silent mode option
  • Lockout mode
  • Passage mode
  • Auto re-lock
  • Feature access through keypad programming, 4-12 digit user pin codes
  • Up to 255 unique user codes and 1 master code
  • Visual verification of pin code programming
  • Key override option
  • 4 AA batteries (1 year life)

Mechanical Components

  • Weather Resistant
  • Uses standard Arrow® cylinders available in AR and CS keyways
  • Also available in Small Format Interchangeable Core Prep
  • Freewheeling lever disengages the lever when handle is locked
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 1
  • UL Listed for use on fire doors
  • ADA compliant levers
  • Install lock and latch with only 5 screws
  • Field reversible

Door Prep: Standard 161 prep with one additional 1/2″ hole

Backset: 2-3/4″ standard also available in 2-3/8″ backset

Handing: Field reversible

Door Thickness: 1-3/8″ and 1-3/4″

Latch: Stainless steel with 1/2″ throw standard. Latch housing is steel, zinc dichromate finish for corrosion resistance

Latch Front: Stainless steel 2-1/4″ x 1-1/8″, 1/8″ in 2″

Exposed Trim: Levers are pressure cast zinc

Strikes: Stainless steel ANSI A156.115

Handling: Non-handed; levers operate bi-directionally

Packaging: 1 per box, 3 per case

Warranty: Three-year limited

Finishes: US3, US10BE, US26D

Functions: V1-51 key override


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