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The Arrow 330 Series Alarms offer a paddle option to our alarm hardware line to help create a full line of door hardware solutions to meet the needs of your specific application.


UL listed. Designed to meet ANSI 156.5-1984 and A117.1-1980 for Accessibility Standards.


  • Model 330 – Auto relatching
  • Red LED indicator flashes when violation occurs. Light continues to flash beyond alarm cycle and can only be turned off by the inside key.
  • One chasis will accept all available trim options.
  • Unit must be activated to test available battery power.
  • Low battery alert feature causes unit to chirp intermittently to indicate low battery power.

Chassis: Paddle, chassis and cover made from a non-ferrous alloy. Cover 12-3/4″ (323.85 mm) x 2″ (50.8 mm) x 2-5/8″ (66.67 mm); paddle projection 3-1/4″ (88.25 mm); length to end of paddle 10-3/8″ (263.52 mm).

Power/Electronics: 9 volt battery powered. Modern solid state electronics.

Latch: 3/4″ (19.05 mm) latchbolt monitored by an electronic sensor switch. Any unauthorized movement of the latchbolt will cause unit to go into alarm.

Doors: For outward swinging doors 1-3/4″ (44.45 mm) thick with a 4″ minimum stile.

Alarm/Horn: Alarm sounds for 2 minutes, shuts off and automatically rearms itself. Piercing, dual frequency pulsating horns. Rated for 90 decibels at 6 feet.

Cylinders: Inside cylinder operation to arm or disarm unit using 1-1/8″ (28.57 mm) mortise cylinder. (Order cylinder separately).

Hand: Reversible. Units are packed RHRB.

Finishes: Powder coated painted finishes: AL, BRZ, RD.
Hardware finishes: US10, US10B, US26, US26D.

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