We’ve always been extremely picky about the products we sell and distribute to our clients. Your security needs are of paramount importance to us, and as such; our scrutiny has to remain high in order to ensure that we continue to have your trust and confidence in not only our products, but also our advice and knowledge.

Demonstrated below is just one of the reasons why we know Master Lock Padlocks are such a great fit for us and your businesses. This can also be found on our LinkedIn page.

Customer Story:
“An attempt was made to drive off with Gods Ministry 2020’s Food Cooking Rig that we use for our Street Ministry to feed the homeless in various areas of Southeast Texas. Due to the strength of the Master Lock padlocks attached to a chain ran from a tree to the trailer, the trailer wasn’t moved. This Cooking Rig is a Life Essential Tool used to help the homeless and those in need. Valued at over $4000 from donations from various organizations, communities, over various states, it couldn’t have been replaced. Thank you for your products and dedication to quality….”

The majority of our Master Lock Padlocks can be fitted with Interchangeable Core. For more details, click here.