The Right Access Control, for the Right Occasion!

Today, we wanted to put into words an interesting issue that Rainer Security has been recently involved with, regarding the supply and installation of Salto Access Control at a high-rise in Ilford, London. Not quite our normal West Sussex Salto customer, but a very important one.

We became involved with the supply to the client, due to their feeling the need to look elsewhere for technical support, having had another provider fail to meet their needs. However, upon inspection of their system, we discovered a number of errors in the way that the system had been setup, and more interestingly; the hardware that had been suggested/specified was completely wrong for their needs. The building comprises hundreds of buy-to-let and purpose built, self contained apartments. And nice ones they are too! Stunning views, well prepared and well built. 

Add to this the 24 hour concierge service, secure parking and brilliant facilities, it seems that access control on the apartments and communal areas was always going to be the route to go down. 

But it’s worth noting that not all access control is the same. Not even all Salto Access control is the same! 

There’s a reason why providers such as ourselves have the training and the knowledge that we do, and that’s to provide you with the best advice, setup and the correct hardware. 

This clients’ building was fitted, in the vast, vast majority; with an original model of the GEO cylinder. It’s a great bit of kit, the SALTO Neo. Superseded by the NEO recently, which takes all the advantages of the GEO and simply adds a bucket load of tech, a smaller turn knob and more reliability. 

It’s also completely wrong for this customer. 

The GEO and NEO cylinders have their place, and are pivotal to SALTOs’ range, but in this scenario, in communal corridors with others living in close proximity who are unknown and bear no relationship to each other, the necessary hardware is now, and always should have been an XS4 Original or XS4 One. A self looking, hotel style lock that is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but saves money in comparison to purchasing a NEO and the necessary door furniture to house it, but also negates the need for re-locking. So where residents forget to manually re-lock their front door with their key-card, it simply doesn’t matter. 

Increased security, less expensive in the event of failure, and more aesthetically pleasing. 

That’s a happy customer.