There is some sort of virus going around over the last year… We’re not sure what it is – you may or may not have heard of it; Covid-19? Not heard of it? Don’t worry. It’s not been overly publicised. 

On a serious note, it’s been a tricky year for everyone throughout the UK, whether you’re running a business or you’re a full time carer. Severe difficulties have gut-punched all manner of people from multiple angles; both financially and emotionally. Our hearts go out to those who have lost family members, and many of our staff personally know someone who has suffered.

Whilst we can only stand back and admire the efforts of our frontline workers, and in particular the exceptional efforts of the NHS to roll out the vaccination program so sublimely; we also must take stock of Rainer Security Products’ position in the market place. 

As we stand, here in April 2021 (seemingly through the worst of it), we look back with tremendous pride at the difficulties we have faced, and how the staff stepped up to handle such issues. Without the considerable efforts of our team here, we could not have coped with the initial slow-down of incoming business, nor could we have bounced back so well. Currently we are beginning to see a slight increase in figures, in comparison with the previous six months, with signs of positivity coming from all angles; be in customers, or staff. 

In fact following on from the upturn of business and positivity generally, we also have cause to be extremely optimistic about the future. The company has shown tremendous faith and offered freedom to one of their new starters, brought in to take the business down avenues that perhaps have not been fully explored in the past. We have now become an Inspired Business Partner for Salto Systems, as well as some extremely exciting supply with future product from Medeco as well. We will be formally announcing ourselves as a Salto supplier once all training has been undertaken – and then we’ll be hitting the market hard through marketing and supply to both new and existing customers. We’re extremely fortunate to have the space to stock the potential products on the horizon from Medeco, and we hope to truly lead the way in United Kingdom with their new product lines. Alongside this, our consistent business model has stayed alive and strong throughout such a turbulent era, with interchangeable core master key systems maintaining their place in the world, providing a strong and cost effective way of managing key systems. 

With business beginning to return towards pre-lockdown levels, and such promising new products on the table – 2021/2022 looks to be an extremely exciting year for Rainer Security Products Ltd.

Stay tuned!